About Me

I’m Delayne Duhaime, a 44 year old dreamer who loves life. My dog Stormy and I are trying to start a homestead, we love to hike, travel, nature and a whole lot more. You never know what I may post here so stay tuned and see what our next adventure will be.


So happy you’ve stopped by.

My dog, Stormy, and I currently live on 1 acre in Northern Minnesota on the shore of Lake Superior. I have been a nature lover since I was born. I was always the kid who came home with any animal I could find and try to convince my parents to let me keep it.

Why Do This?

  • You want to become a homesteader but don’t know where to even start!! Good because I don’t either but I’ve already jumped in so hold on and lets have some fun!!
  • Travel around Northern Minnesota with Stormy and I. We love to hike in the woods, around Lake Superior and more.
  • See what kind of crazy situations we find and share here.

If you choose to follow my blog you will follow everything that deals with my personal life and on the homestead. It will include animals, nature, farming, garden and a whole lot more. I will also post about my personal struggles as I deal with and learn how to deal with horrible Anxiety and Panic Attacks because I suffer with both.

Why should you follow my blog?

  • You will see everything, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • I do not hide and I’m very honest in what I do, say and post. I am as straight forward as they come. I don’t beat around the bush.
  • You have nothing to loose but a whole lot of knowledge to learn!

Are you ready to follow me on this exciting journey called life?? Let’s get this started and have some fun!!

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