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The only thing that grew this Spring / Summer

Due to my horrible anxiety and PTSD I did not do much for gardening this year. Out of what I did plant these few onions are the only things that grew. I intentionally let them go to seed. These were onions that the store was going to throw away because they had sprouted.

My anxiety and PTSD had gotten to a boiling point and I’m no longer working because I need to heal first and foremost. Now that I’m relaxed, safe and happy I am getting my life back together and on track.

I have decided once and for all that I’m done working for anyone else. I am going to work on really building a thriving, successful homebased business for Grizzly and I. I have a few ideas I’m going to try and let’s see how they do.

I was just so impressed with this picture I had to post it.
Onion flowers

I cut off all the onion flowers and put them into a bag to bring into the house. I was initially going to leave them on the flower stalk to dry but instead I brought them in. Next year I want to have my onions planted in a different area so I don’t want the seeds to drop where the flowers were.

My way of drying the onion flowers / seeds

I cut the onion flowers off and placed them into upside down peat planters. I placed the cups into a plastic garden tray so if the seeds fall out I can still pick them up to store until ready to plant. Now they are sitting on a shelf away from Grizzly, drying out.

Grizzly inspecting the mess we both made.

I started planting my fall crop seeds and between Grizzly and I we made quite the mess in the dining room.

Enjoying the dirt

Grizzly got tired of planting so he decided to use the dirt as a nice cool pillow. He left me to do all the planting and work by myself.

There are 4 trays of seeds here on the construction table in the living room.

Still remodeling my living room so the construction table is still here but it makes for a great holding area of seeds when not in use.

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