Anxiety Lessens and Home Improvement Begins

I was actually feeling enough like myself to clean.

After only 2 days off from work I can feel my anxiety and PTSD leaving. When I woke up this morning I actually wanted to clean my kitchen. It’s been at least 2 months since I’ve cleaned or barely washed dishes. I was so proud of myself for accomplishing this, simple to most people, task. When you deal with Anxiety, Depression and / or PTSD the simplest tasks to most people can be a struggle for those of us who suffer with these conditions.

This is what my porch looked like this morning.

As I mentioned above, even hauling garbage can’t be done when having a PTSD episode. I did clean most of this up today but as I felt my anxiety creeping back in I stopped. Tomorrow is another day and I pray I will feel as good or better as I do today. No one wants their home to look like this but some of us have mental issues to deal with and some days are better than others. I’m just so grateful my PTSD kicked in when it did and I was able to get back into seeing my mental health therapist. I also have a regular Dr. appointment next week to see if my medication needs adjusting.

Part of my ceiling is done but it seems like it will never get done.

Everything was removed from the living room today as my neighbor came over and started working on putting up my new pine ceiling again. He started in June but I told him not to come over for a while because of my personal battles and didn’t want anyone to see the condition on my home. He seems to only lay 3 rows a day when he comes and to me it’s just not fast enough. I am so excited to see the living room when it’s done. I will have the same wood on the walls as the ceiling and then I will choose a different wood for the floor.

My pine ceiling getting installed.

I so love the way this looks and smells. I have wanted a little log cabin for years but when this is done I will be so excited. Not really a log cabin but close enough for me.

My living room right now.

I can’t wait for this entire mess to be gone. I will be replacing all my furniture and everything when all the wood work is done.

Grizzly does not like me moving furniture or the noise of the saw cutting the wood.

The couch and all of Grizzly’s toys are now in the dining room until we get the ceiling done. He is definitely not a fan of the furniture being moved or the noise of the saw. He jumped over the arm rest and chose the section of couch with all of his toys to lay on while the neighbor worked in the living room.

The kitchen table where I was sitting is right behind the couch so he watched me like a hawk.

Grizzly made sure to keep tabs on me at all times. He watched me like a hawk.

Can this be comfortable?

If he thought I was moving to get up he would come and lay on the arm rest of the couch to keep a better eye on me.

I guess I can’t eat alone.

After the neighbor left I fixed myself a bowl of ice cream and Grizzly was not pleased he didn’t get any. He made sure to watch in case I dropped any.

Begging for ice cream

I thought he was actually going to try and get onto the kitchen table to get my ice cream.

Chose to lay on the arm rest and just watch.

He just laid down instead of getting on the table thank goodness.

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