A New Beginning

This is Grizzly, my new baby. He is a 3 year old Pit Bull / Husky mix.

I’m so happy to have a new man in my life. On Saturday, July 18, I drove to the Douglas County Humane Society in Superior, Wisconsin and brought home Grizzly. He is a 3 year old Pit Bull / Husky mix and I’m totally in love with him. The humane society said he came from a home where the woman had to surrender her animals due to having way too many. We have a long road of training ahead of us but we will be just fine.

As I said I picked him up on Saturday and then Sunday and Monday I had to work for a 10 hours each day. I wasn’t set up for leaving him home alone so I brought him to work with me. I left a big bowl of water for him in the truck and came out every 1/2 hour to every hour to check on him. I felt horrible knowing he was in the truck alone but I felt he was safer than home alone for 10 hours.

I had Tuesday off and we really worked on training. My main focus right now with him is walking on a leash as I don’t think he’s ever been on one and he pulls horribly. I have shin splints from trying to walk him. I need a larger Gentle Leader, because the one I have is too small for him but once I get that walking him will be so much nicer.

This is what happened when I left him home alone for 1 hour. He pulled the A/C siding right off.

I have a kennel in the bedroom and I have had him in there when I took a short trip (1 hour) and when I came home he was out of the kennel with the door still locked. He got into the window and did damage to the A/C unit but I’m very grateful he did not chew the cord.

He loves to watch the squirrels in the feeder.

He is still learning all the different sights, smells and animals that visit the house and yard. He is very interested in the rabbits and squirrels. He will jump up and down on his back feet when he sees a squirrel.

At home on the couch.

He has no idea how to play with toys but he sure loves tennis balls. He carries them around with him and knows how to fetch. I would say he’s pretty comfortable on the couch now.

Watching his friend, Squirrel

He not only loves to lay on the main part of the couch but he really enjoys that he can lay on the back of it while looking out the window. He loves to watch for the squirrel to show up in the feeder.

We have a long road of training but he is a very smart boy and fast learner.

Thanks for following our journey.

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Just a girl and her dog and a journey in Homesteading.

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