Heartbroken and alone

My sweet lovable baby girl, Stormy.

On Wednesday, July 14, I had to let my 9 year old baby, Stormy, cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was fine until about 1 week earlier when she wasn’t eating as much, and just being more lazy than usual but I just chalked it up to the heat, humidity and smoke from fires in the area. Although Wednesday I just knew something was not right with her so I took her into the vet. They did an X ray and ultra sound that showed she had a tumor on her spleen, that we didn’t know about, and it had burst so she was bleeding internally. I made the choice right there to let her go because I wasn’t about to let her suffer. My heart and world were gone but I was right there holding her when she left this world.

I have lost interest in a lot of things without her by my side but I’m slowly gaining interest again.

On Saturday, July 24, I will be taking a trip to an animal shelter in Wisconsin to check out the adoptable dogs they have and I hope I will come home with a new baby to love on.

It’s been about 19 years since I’ve been alone without a dog in my home so I am feeling very lonely.

Published by Duhaime Homested

Just a girl and her dog and a journey in Homesteading.

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