Red Rock Beach Hike

One overlook at Red Rock Beach in Grand Portage, Minnesota.

Stormy and I spent the afternoon hiking Red Rock Beach in Grand Portage, Minnesota. It was a perfect day for a hike, the weather was amazing and the lake was calm and very clear. The hike itself is tricky because the trail is not cleared so you have to walk under limbs and I got smacked by every spider web on the trail I think.

Mother Nature sure knows how to create beauty.

Red Rock is a pretty secret spot many don’t know about but if you find it you will find the most beautiful area. There are some very scary spots where the rocks have large drop offs right into the lake so you need to be very sure footed for this hike if you get close to the edge.

Stormy watching the construction guys as we drive to Red Rock

Usually it only takes us about 10 minutes from home to Red Rock but due to construction it took us about 1/2 hour. The air conditioner in the truck doesn’t work so it was a pretty hot trip. The windows work but every time I opened them a good way the deer flies and horseflies would come in so I tried to keep them shut. I did keep the A/C on even though it doesn’t blow cold air. Stormy loves riding in the truck and watching the construction guys working.

All nice and soaked. She even got me wet shaking off and rubbing on my pants leg.

Stormy has never been one to like being in water so when she jumped in the lake today and played it shocked me. We’ve been to the lake many, many times and she wouldn’t go in so it was so amazing to watch her play and swim today. I really think Red Rocks magical beauty rubbed off on Stormy today. She really had a blast and enjoyed herself.

Now I know why my seedlings kept dying on the deck instead of thriving.

When Stormy and I got home from our hike I spotted this baby hanging out on my seedlings I put outside a while ago. Now I know why my seedlings never grew or thrived.

Handsome little guy isn’t he?

This poor baby is so full of wood ticks it just breaks my heart. This is Stormy’s buddy Thumper and he’s not afraid of either of us but when I tried to pick him up and pull the wood ticks off he took off on me.

Covered in wood ticks

I have a live trap and I may try to trap him so I can grab him and pull off the wood ticks. I don’t want them nasty things to kill this baby. I feed him and absolutely adore him even though he is a wild rabbit.

This is the end of our adventure for yesterday but I hope you all have an awesome day!!

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