Overwhelming Productive Day

I did a lot of weeding today but it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything. I am really trying to stick to my homestead goals this month and my MAIN goal is to complete weeding and planting my home garden. My problem is when I push myself too hard I get overwhelmed and my anxiety / PTSD kick in.

Both of my hands had these marks when I was weeding. I don’t like gloves when working in the garden.

My anxiety tried to kick in when I found these red marks on both of my hands while I was taking a break from pulling weeds. I knew they were just irritation from pulling weeds without gloves but my mind kept trying to take me down another path and scare me. I put gloves on and went back out and weeded more. I still have the marks but I’m not worried about them. They are getting lighter now too.

Not long after this incident though I started getting overwhelmed by looking at how much still needs to be done in the garden, yard and in the house. Usually when I get overwhelmed I just quit. NOT today!! I want to be a homesteader and I’m going to make this work.

Today instead of quitting and giving up like I’ve done before, I did what helps calm my mind and allows me to think clearly. I took Stormy and we went for a short drive in the woods. Nature is my healer for any problems I have in my mind.

Stormy loves to have her head out the window when were driving in the woods.

As I was driving I remembered a You Tube video I watched about creating a schedule for yourself and it will help your mind stay focused. I started thinking about it and started to make a mental note of what type of schedule would work for me. I currently still work away from the homestead 10 hours a day for 4 days a week which doesn’t give me a lot of time to work at home those days. Most of those days I realized I’ve spent wondering what I should do…with a schedule I won’t have to spend the time thinking, instead it will be all planned out for me to just do it.

Pulled her head in when I stopped the truck to take the picture of her.

When Stormy and I got home I started working on 2 schedules for myself. One for days when I work and the other is for days when I’m home working here. I still have to tweak them but if they work I should be able to be a lot more productive.

I probably won’t post for the next few days because I’m back to work tomorrow but I will post for sure and let you know how this schedule idea works out.

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Just a girl and her dog and a journey in Homesteading.

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